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I’ve been eager to learn more about audio for AR / VR / XR and this has been an incredible opportunity to hear candid interviews from so many of the leaders in the space. Very well produced as well. Thank you!Such a great resource for a growing fieldThanksTom, 05/21/2020
The Immersive Audio Podcast perfectly combines intellectuality and entertainment, producing exciting information about audio technology. The hosts ask very specific questions that allow those being interviewed to give as detailed of an answer as they can, without leaving the audience confused. Being someone who hasn't heard much about the behind the scenes of audio and sound design, this series allows me to gain better insight about how my favourite games, products, and software are created and what is in store for the future.Simply AmazingShane C. O., 08/07/2019
I love this podcast! It provides so much useful information to keep me up to date on some of the latest audio techVery InformativeKaelyn t, 02/28/2019
Loving these series of interviews with key players in the audio industry, from creatives to technologists.Great insights into the future of soundGiomBen, 18/12/2020
Really great for insights and inspiration about audio & the future of sound. Highly recommend!Great podcast!AmyBoswell1996, 19/11/2019
Informative, accessible and engaging for those who aren't necessarily experts in the audio field. Recommended!Great introduction to Audioskatonic, 06/09/2019


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Join our host Oliver Kadel and guest presenters, in conversation with industry thought leaders, practitioners, artists, academics and entrepreneurs discussing all aspects of this rapidly evolving industry from art, science and business to practical insights and project case studies. We aim to inform, educate, explore and unite the community. Subscribe on iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud & Stitcher. Immersive Audio Podcast is produced by 1.618 Digital.

Oliver Kadel is an award-winning audio engineer and sound designer based in London. Oliver specialises in location sound and postproduction, offering immersive and spatial audio solutions for 360 video content and interactive VR/AR media. Since 2015 Oliver has produced audio for over 100 immersive projects including branded content, films, music, games, immersive installations, experiences and charity projects stretching across the globe, in Africa, Latin America, the Middle East and Europe.

Oliver is a lecturer at the University of West London, teaching Immersive Audio to Masters students. Most recently Oliver embarked on a PhD program at the University of York AudioLab, researching the impact of spatial and interactive audio on psychoacoustic and psychological effects for learning and training in Virtual Reality.

In early 2018, Oliver and 1.618 Digital launched the Immersive Audio Podcast hosting industry experts and influential guests discussing all areas of immersive audio and the XR industry. The podcast has been highly commended as a valuable source of information for industry professionals and students, representing numerous segments of the industry and continuing to grow its audience globally.

Monica Bolles has been working with spatial audio since 2011 when she first gained access to her local planetarium’s 15.1 channel surround system. Since then she has been continuously building toolsets in Max MSP to create large textured soundscapes that explore space, movement, and interaction. Tapping into her roots in traditional audio engineering she works with composers and live performers to explore methods of translating their work to spatial environments while exploring the role the audio engineer plays as a performer and musician.

As an artist, she has been focusing on building custom instruments that explore data sonification and use gestural control to create improvised spatial audio experiences. As a producer, she puts together teams to build large immersive works that bring together live performance, dance, 360-projections, spatial audio, and other new technologies. She is also a presenter and host of workshops in her field and has performed in this capacity at SXSW (2019) Ableton Loop (2018), IMERSA Summit (2013-2019), and NIME (2017-2018), among others. Currently, she owns and operates her own company, Resonant Interactions, specializing in immersive experience design.