04 Jan 2022


04 Jan 2022
I’ve been eager to learn more about audio for AR / VR / XR and this has been an incredible opportunity to hear candid interviews from so many of the leaders in the space. Very well produced as well. Thank you!Such a great resource for a growing fieldThanksTom, 05/21/2020
The Immersive Audio Podcast perfectly combines intellectuality and entertainment, producing exciting information about audio technology. The hosts ask very specific questions that allow those being interviewed to give as detailed of an answer as they can, without leaving the audience confused. Being someone who hasn't heard much about the behind the scenes of audio and sound design, this series allows me to gain better insight about how my favourite games, products, and software are created and what is in store for the future.Simply AmazingShane C. O., 08/07/2019
I love this podcast! It provides so much useful information to keep me up to date on some of the latest audio techVery InformativeKaelyn t, 02/28/2019
Loving these series of interviews with key players in the audio industry, from creatives to technologists.Great insights into the future of soundGiomBen, 18/12/2020
Really great for insights and inspiration about audio & the future of sound. Highly recommend!Great podcast!AmyBoswell1996, 19/11/2019
Informative, accessible and engaging for those who aren't necessarily experts in the audio field. Recommended!Great introduction to Audioskatonic, 06/09/2019