Episode 9 – James Edward Marks
25 Jun 2018

Episode 9 – James Edward Marks

25 Jun 2018

In today’s episode we’re joined by James E. Marks, an experimental new media provocateur. He is a creator of award-winning social video edutainment, and maker of immersive mixed and virtual reality experiences. With over 20 years of hands-on collaborations with alternative, pop culture branded and unbranded entertainment, James is Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer for DoubleMe, a Silicon Valley transformative tech start-up that’s pushing the boundaries of holographic mixed reality. He is also the founder of PsychFi Lab & Hackstock Festival. At PsychFi, he collaborates with the biggest social video & moving image artists, exploring immersive tech, psychology, psychedelia, sci-fi and pop culture.

In this episode we discuss the importance of sound and all senses in an immersive experience, new technology and how it has changed the approach to composing.

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MWC18 & BBC Click – Mixed Reality For Social Good: https://youtu.be/N97MHHO4XHM

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Harry Shotta, DJ Phantasy, 24SevenTV & PsychFi Labs: https://youtu.be/ZJfD71bMl_Y

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