Episode 18 – Alex Southern (AECOM)
09 Nov 2018

Episode 18 – Alex Southern (AECOM)

09 Nov 2018

This week on the Immersive Audio Podcast, Oliver is joined by Dr Alex Southern, a Principal Consultant and the Auralisation Lead for the engineering and construction consultancy company AECOM.

Alex is also a former Royal Society Industry Fellow and the most recent winner of the Institute of Acoustics Young Person Innovation Award in Acoustical Engineering for his work in Auralisation as well as recently winning an award for his work on the A303 Stonehenge project.

Today, Oliver and Alex cover the topics of the role of audio in architecture and engineering, auralisation for civil-engineering projects, and how academia and research drive the future of audio in engineering, and the challenges within the Acoustics Industry.

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Dr Alex Southern’s twitter account – https://www.twitter.com/APSouthern1

AECOM Official twitter account – https://www.twitter.com/AECOM


This episode was produced by Abbigayle Bircham, Gillian Duffy, Oliver Kadel and Giacomo Corpino, and included music by Knobs Bergamo.