Episode 89 John-Henry Dale & Merijn Royaards (Sonic Sphere)

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Episode 89 John-Henry Dale & Merijn Royaards (Sonic Sphere)


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In this episode of the Immersive Audio Podcast, Monica Bolles is joined by musicians and audio engineers John Henry Dale and Merijn Royaards from Miami, US.

John Henry Dale is an immersive media artist, musician and entrepreneur focused on live spatial audio and video performance, based between Miami and New York. He holds an MSc in Digital Composition and Performance from the University of Edinburgh and composes, performs, and produces music across a range of genres from electronica, jazz, funk, Latin, global bass and ambient, to avant-garde and serialist composition projects. He has also worked extensively in the confluence of IT, Web, AV, Live Streaming, and Immersive Media technology at The Regional Arts and Culture Council, New World Symphony, Hive Streaming and Linkedin.  Most recently in July of 2023, he worked with Merijn Royaards and the Sonic Sphere project to help create custom spatial audio mixes in SPAT, Reaper and Ableton Live of selected works for the Sonic Sphere residency at the Shed and also created a personalised spatial audio mix and listening session for Mike Bloomberg and Marina Abramovic. John Henry performed his live music for his “In Viridi Lux” spatial audio performance project inside the Sonic Sphere as part of a 2023 Miami Individual Artist grant funded by the National Endowment for The Arts and the Miami-Dade Cultural Affairs Department.

Merijn Royaards is a sound architect, researcher, and performer guided by convoluted movements through music, art, and spatial studies. The interaction between space and sound in cities with a history/present of conflict has been a recurring theme in his multimedia works to date. His 2020 awarded doctoral thesis explores the state-altering effects of sound, space, and movement from the Russian avant-garde to today’s clubs and raves. He is one part of a critical essay film practice with artist-researcher Henrietta Williams and teaches sound design for film and installation art at the Bartlett School of Architecture.

JH and Merijn talk about the evolution of Sonic Sphere as a concept, playback system and performance space. They talk about the practical aspects of crafting and experiencing different spatial audio content within the spherical structures.

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Show Notes

John Henry Dale Linkedin – https://www.linkedin.com/in/johnhenrydale/

John Henry Dale Website – https://johnhenrydale.com/

Merijn Royaards – https://www.linkedin.com/in/merijn-royaards-82867a273/

Sonic Sphere – https://www.sonic-sphere.com


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This episode was produced by Oliver Kadel and Emma Rees and included music by Rhythm Scott.