Episode 69 Poul Holleman & Salvador Breed(4DSOUND)


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Episode 69 Poul Holleman & Salvador Breed(4DSOUND)


In this episode of the Immersive Audio Podcast, Oliver Kadel and Monica Bolles are joined by Poul Holleman and Salvador Breed the co-founders of the spatial sound and creative development studio – 4DSOUND, from Amsterdam, Netherlands. 

Poul Holleman is co-founder and technical director of the spatial sound and creative development studio, 4DSOUND. As a creative technologist, Poul focuses on the application of spatial sound to a variety of art forms, ranging from light installations to kinetic architecture and live performances.  His work focuses on the continuous development and exploration of spatial sound as an emerging artistic medium, through the use of 4DSOUND technology.  He is a lecturer in the Creative Systems Design programme at Utrecht University of the Arts (HKU). Next to his artistic achievements, Poul holds a Master’s degree in Cultural Sociology from the University of Amsterdam.

Salvador Breed creates and sculpts sound and technology for a wide field of contexts like live performances, fashion shows, video art, and interactive art installations.  The Dutch artist preoccupies himself with the way acoustics, natural ambience, silence, and space enrich one another, using subtle means to expand our notions of listening, experiencing, and sensing.  As a co-founder of spatial sound company 4DSOUND, he specializes in composing space as an important element of soundtracks – while pushing the technical possibilities in this field.

Poul and Salvador dive deep into the technical make-up of 4DSOUND software architecture along with their unique speaker system implementation and we explore the concept of using a physical space as an instrument.

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Show Notes

Poul Holleman – https://www.linkedin.com/in/poulholleman/

Salvador Breed – https://www.linkedin.com/in/salvadorbreed/

4DSOUND Official Website – https://4dsound.net

4DSOUND Systems – https://4dsound.net/systems

4DSOUND Software – https://4dsound.net/software

4DSOUND Studios – https://4dsound.net/studios

4DSOUND Offical YT Channel – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmsVqXSLY409bTaIExx8BsA/featured

4DSOUND featured by Ableton (2014) – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DMWEEGUlJco

Immersa Montreal – https://www.imersa.org/2021


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This episode was produced by Oliver Kadel and Emma Rees and included music by Rhythm Scott.