Episode 25 – Sinan Bokesoy (sonicLAB)
05 Jul 2019

Episode 25 – Sinan Bokesoy (sonicLAB)

05 Jul 2019

In this episode of the Immersive Audio Podcast, Oliver Kadel is joined by Sinan Bökesoy via Skype from Istanbul.

Sinan is a composer, developer and sound installation artist. He has an engineering degree from the Technical University of Istanbul and a PhD in computer music from the University of Paris. His Cosmosƒ stochastic synthesiser is one of the products of his research done during the PhD studies and is one of the rare examples that such research becomes available as an industry tool in the professional music scene.

Today, Sinan talks about composing with digital synthesisers, his work at SonicLab and the creation of Cosmosƒ.

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Show Notes

sonicLAB: https://www.sonic-lab.com/

Cosmosƒ Stochastic Synthesiser: http://www.sonic-lab.com/cosmosfsaturn7/

VOLBot stochastic audio processor: http://www.sonic-lab.com/volbot/

Csound: https://csound.com

JUCE audio development framework: https://juce.com

Openframeworks: https://openframeworks.cc


This episode was produced by Abbigayle Bircham and Oliver Kadel with the help of Share O’Hare and included music by Knobs Bergamo.